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How to work with Linksys RE6300 Setup

Linksys RE6300 is easy to set up and work with, In this article, you will know how to setup Linksys RE6300 OR RE6400. Linksys Extender is very easy to set up, most of the time Linksys extender users forget to connect their device with Linksys RE6300 wifi extender.

Installing up the Linksys RE6300 AC750 BOOST WiFi Extender is easy with Browser Setup.

Note: Universal Ip for Linksys RE6300, RE6400 RE7000 or any of the Linksys wifi extender is

Linksys RE6300 Setup

Steps to setup Linksys RE6300 :

Step 1:
With the help of a Wireless compatible device connect with Linksys RE6300 Setup network.
NOTE:  Your Linksys RE6300 should be within the range of your Home Router.
Step 2:
Get to your Web browser on your Wireless devices and navigate to or 3:
You will  Linksys RE6300 Setupbutton which you will need to click on.
Step 4:
Setup a Wireless Range Extender will be the default selection by Linksys RE6300 Setup assistance
Step 5:
The screen will come up with options in which you will have to select your home Wi-fi Network to complete the installation of
your Linksys RE6300
Step 6:
Enter your home Wi-fi Security key and hit Next
Step 7:
Now the Linksys RE6300 will ask you to leave the settings as your main router or you can enter it manually then click RE6300 Setup

NOTE:  If your Router supports dual-band, then you will see 5.2 GHz option along with the 2.4 GHz

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