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Use Linksys Default IP Address To setup A Range Extender
is the default IP address to login and control the advance settings for your Linksys wifi extender. also can be used to manage the smart installation wizard for the extender you can use the IP address rather than using Web URL

Linksys has started manufacturing their Extender from a while but the results from its design and performance are far good comparing to any other brand and it can easy to deal with dead zone issue if you have with your home network. 

There are many different models For Linksys Extender which can surely extend the range or your Wi-Fi router so that you can access the internet at your desirable place. Linksys RE6500, RE6700, RE6350 and Linksys AC 1200 Setup- all of them needs to be configured before use and you have to make sure that Linksys WiFi Range Extender is configured correctly using Web URL or you can use the default IP address for Linksys extender

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Further steps to access advance setting of Linksys wifi extender are below:

Steps for Linksys AC1200 setup, Linksys re 6500 and Linksys re 6700. 

 1. Linksys extender should be plugged into the power socket as near to your Wireless Router. 

 2. Connect the ethernet cable from Extender to the Router and open the web browser on your computer and type Linksys default IP address and hit enter. 

 3. You will redirect to a screen where you see Set up Range Extender or an Access point. 

 4. Click on the setup range extender and follow the onscreen instructions. 

5. In Smart setup widget, you can change the name and password for the Linksys Extender. 

6. Once it is successfully installed login to Default IP address and click on “Settings” option. 

7. Select “firmware update” and if any new version is available you need to download it on the computer and browse the file from extender settings. 

8. Make sure do not turn off the extender while installing the Firmware update.

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Use to connect to the Linksys router.

It is not necessarily important to know the IP address of your router. Phones and other devices will find the router name (SSID) if they need to be online. However, having the address becomes important when you set up a new router or troubleshoot a home network question.

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Google Chrome IP browser in the address bar.

To link to a router with an IP address of, open a web browser, go to the address bar and enter http:/ Then log in to the router administrator console and view the setup screens of the router.

For the following reasons, the procedure could fail:

  • The router failed and is not open to the browser connections.
  • The router is programmed to use a separate url, not
  • To reach this local address, the machine and the router must be on the same network.
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