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Best Tricks to Boost Linksys Extender Weak Signal

boost linksys extender weak signal

Much like water and electricity, a lightning-fast internet connection has become essential for living. Perhaps this explains why so many users install Linksys extenders in their homes. Regrettably, there are times when the WiFi network might be very unreliable. This implies that your Linksys extender’s network speed may vary  day to day. Or maybe it won’t ever reach the advertised speed. The good news is that you can boost linksys extender weak signal by following the suggestions in this post. Continue reading.

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How to Improve Linksys Extender Weak Signal?

Here are the best tips and tricks to boost linksys extender weak signal. So follow the steps given below to solve your problem.

Verify Your Connectivity

Check the connection between your Linksys extender and the host router before taking any further action to improve the weak signal. Are there wires? So that’s the reason you’re not receiving the speed you want.

Although there is nothing wrong with connecting your devices to this source, you should be aware that 95 out of 100 times it cannot be trusted. What use is it therefore if you want continuous access to a smooth internet? So, it is suggested that you use an Ethernet line to link the devices. Simply ensure that the connection is tightly secured.

Upgrade the firmware on the extender

Every Linksys extender comes with software that tests its functionality. This software is referred to as firmware. If updates are not applied in a timely manner, your device’s performance will begin to suffer.

This is also a good method to boost linksys extender weak signal . In light of this, it is advised that you update your device’s firmware to the most recent version in order to improve the weak signal of your Linksys extender. With the help of the following recommendations, you can update your linksys firmware:

  • Connect your extender securely to the router.
  • Get access to your device (laptop or computer).
  • Open Google Chrome if you typically use it.
  • Go over to the URL field.
  • Put, the default web address, in the URL field.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will soon be redirected to the login screen.
  • Put the password in the Password area.
  • Use your extender’s default username in the same way.
  • Press Log In.
  • Choose the Firmware Update button under Administration.

Your Linksys range extender will soon be upgraded to the most recent version. at some time become stuck? Contact our technical specialists. They will assist you in identifying your mistakes and possible course corrections. Also, they will illuminate a number of other suggestions for enhancing Linksys extender’s weak signal.

Move the Linksys Extender 

Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washers, baby monitors, treadmills, and televisions are all transmitting devices that could interfere with or block the signals sent by your Linksys extender.

As a result, you must discard these appliances to boost linksys extender weak signal . Do you know how to accomplish that?  It’s really quite easy. All you have to do is move the extension from where it is now.

Pull the WiFi Devices Closer

The signals from your Linksys extender will inevitably deteriorate if it is not kept within the router’s coverage area because it won’t be able to broadcast them effectively. Hence, clear gap between the two gadgets. However bear in mind that placing your extension and router too close together is not a good idea. Otherwise, their signals can clash with each other.

Unplug additional devices

Sometimes there are many more devices accessing the network of your extension than just one, two, or three. Consider the possibility that your Linksys extender’s WiFi signal will deteriorate if it is being shared among more devices than it can support. We advise you to turn off every additional device connecting to the network of the Linksys extender in order to boost linksys extender weak signal .

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