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Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi

How to fix Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi issue?

Range extenders have switched across to WiFi connections over time from Ethernet-based ones. Although Linksys WiFi extenders initially had a single band, they eventually evolved to have two bands, namely 2.4 and 5 Ghz frequency. Both frequencies have many advantages for the user. The 2.4 GHz, for instance, provides flawless network connectivity. However when it comes to reduced network interference, 5 Ghz takes first place. Sadly, the latter has issues like the Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi to be a problem.

Do you wish to understand why it occurs? The answers you need are in the following data. Let’s look at what makes 5 Ghz so popular first.

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5 Ghz WiFi – An Overview

There isn’t much network noise on the 5 GHz WiFi band. This enables smooth data flow, including streaming HD video. Moreover, the frequency conserves battery life.

However a few negatives also accompany these advantages. For instance, you might be using the internet without interruption then you unexpectedly lose connection. Although it may move a little too quickly, it is still limited to some of the larger furnishings, such as concrete walls. And that’s not all! There are a few additional causes for the Linksys extender 5 GHz WiFi not appearing.

Why does my Linksys Extender not display 5 GHz WiFi?

If your Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi , there could be several reasons why. Here are some common issue is responsible for the 5GHz wifi problem :

  • Older Linksys Model – Some older models of Linksys extenders only support 2.4GHz WiFi. 
  • Distance between the extender and your router – If the distance between your extender and router is too far, the 5GHz WiFi signal may not be strong enough to reach the extender. 
  • Can’t do Linksys reset process properly: Sometimes, we can’t do the factory reset process perfectly. That’s why your linksys extender does not display 5Ghz wifi.
  • Outdated firmware – Outdated firmware can cause issues with connectivity. Check if there is a firmware update available for your extender and install it if there is.

Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some important tips that may help to solve the Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi problem.

Poor electricity supply

Did you use a faulty or broken power source to connect the WiFi extender? There is a strong possibility that the equipment wouldn’t perform to its full capacity. On the other side, this increases the possibility of long-term hardware damage and can cause the Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi .

Device’s Location

The location in which you keep your Linksys WiFi range extender is important. That impacts how easily you can use the 5 GHz spectrum to access the internet. But, there are a few other elements that affect how the gadget is placed.

Location of the device

Have you placed the Linksys WiFi extender on the ground or at an extreme height? Never leave the gadget on the floor since this affects how quickly you can receive WiFi signals. Maintain the gadget at an appropriate height so that both bands can perform at their best. You can prevent the Linksys Extender from displaying 5 GHz WiFi  by doing this.

Placement and Substance

Yes! The bulk of the materials in your house are easily penetrated by the 5 Ghz frequency. Yet, there are a few issues that raise questions. Ensure that the item is kept away from metal and concrete surfaces. Do not keep the extension on the ground floor of a business building if you own one.

Distance from Router

Have you kept a safe distance between the Linksys WiFi range extender and router? If not, take action immediately. TheLinksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi  issue can potentially be caused by too much or too little space between the two. A distance that is too great will hinder easy communication between the two devices and result in other problems like extenders. Linksys isn’t functioning. However, too close of a distance will result in a clash of their WiFi signals.

Outdated firmwareOutdated firmware

Are you attempting to connect the internet with a Linksys WiFi range extender that has an outdated firmware? This is useless. You must always maintain your firmware updated because it functions as the networking device’s operating system.

Only download firmware updates from authorized networks (the manufacturer of the extender’s website), as doing so prevents the installation of malware. Check to see if the Linksys Extender does not display 5 GHz WiFi  issue persists after the firmware has been upgraded.


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