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Linksys RE3000w SetupHow To Do Linksys Re3000w Setup In Seven Easy Steps 

We all have been through the times when we are streaming our favorite movie or playing our beloved online game when suddenly we visit a Wi-Fi dead zone and all these things stop working in a flash. Moreover, nearly every room is experiencing a great network speed except that room. 

The sole reason for this is the inability of the Wi-Fi signal to reach that specific zone. But wait, this problem can be solved with ease and is a cakewalk to rectify with the help of a Linksys Wi-Fi extender. This will help you to boost the network so that it reaches all corners of the house and even further.

Linksys RE3000W Setup

Signs that you need a Linksys Wi-Fi extender 

You may face dead spots in several corners of the house but it might not be the fault of the Wi-Fi extender. You might have placed the extender at a place where it might not be getting a proper connection and the network may be fluctuating or getting blocked due to something. 

Therefore, before you purchase an extender, make sure that you try putting it in another place and choosing a centralized location of your house for it. Make sure that your Linksys Re3000w extender placed perfectly in the middle of the house and all the zones are as close range as possible with the router. 

Even after doing that if you still encounter problems in the connectivity then you surely need a Linksys extender reset. Moreover, only purchasing it won’t help and you need to perform Linksys RE3000w setup so that you can prepare it for boosting your Wi-Fi signal. Let us have a look at the required steps to do it. 

Step by step method for Linksys RE3000W Setup

Before you get started with the Linksys RE3000W Setup, you need to know some information about your wireless router or connection: 

  • The name of the wireless network, often known as SSID
  • The password of the wireless network (default if you haven’t set it up) 

Therefore, when you’re done with obtaining this information, you can proceed with the steps that are stated below. 

Step one: First of all you need to set up/place the extender to a place where it is in the range of your Wi-Fi router so that it can grab the network connection of the router. Also, make sure that the extender is connected to a stable source of power such as a switch or UPS, and then ensure that there is a light blinking on the top of the extender. 

Note that you might require setting the extender closer to the router for the first tie when you begin to set it up. For instance, you may place both the router and the extender in the same room for the first time when you wish to set it up and then after the Linksys RE3000w Setup is complete, you can move it anywhere in the house you want. 

Step two: The next step is to connect the network with the help of an internet-accessible device such as a computer or Smartphone. You will see a network available with the name of “Linksys extender setup”. Make sure that you get at least a 50% signal of the Wi-Fi in the device which you are using for setting up the extender. 

You may need to follow some troubleshooting steps if you are unable to see the name of the network of the Wi-Fi extender that is the SSID of the network. 

Step Three: The next step is to open up a web browser of your choice on the device that you have selected to connect with the network of the extender that is the network with SSID  and then visits the Linksys re3000w setup website that is by typing it manually or copy-pasting it in the URL bar of your browser.

Step four: When you visit the above-mentioned website, you will be greeted with a landing page of the extender setup by which you can continue with the process of setting up the extender. All you need to do is click on the start button that appears on the screen. 

Step five: once you’ve clicked on the start button, the setup will launch, and before proceeding with anything else, you will be presented with a licensing agreement. So make sure that you read it completely and if you find it right then click on the button that says “I agree”. 

Step six: Now the main setup begins from here. The online setup wizard will begin scanning for all the available wireless networks and you need to select the wireless network which is available at your house by clicking on the SSID of your network from the list of available networks. 

Note that if you get a notification that says that you have placed the extender very close to the router then simply ignore it and click on the button that says “connect anyway” so that you can continue with the setup process otherwise you can feel free to interrupt the process and find a better location and then continue with the setup of the extender to extend the range of the network in the dead zones of your available Wi-Fi network. 

Step seven: The next step is to enter the password of the wireless network that you are attempting to connect to extend the range. After you have entered the password in the required field, click the next button to proceed with the further steps for the setup. 

After you have successfully connected with the network, your screen will show you a message notifying you that your Linksys re3000w setup is complete and you can now enjoy the extended network o the rooms where previously there was no availability of a network. You can check it easily by visiting the zone with a device and checking if now you get a proper connection or not. You can check the speed of the internet as well to ensure proper connectivity. That’s all we have for today. 

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