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Linksys Wifi Range Extender Setup

Linksys wifi range extender setup

The last Linksys wifi range extender setup guide you’ll need 

Linksys wifi range extender setup: Linksys is the pioneer of wireless range extender gadgets. With the trust and credibility of Linksys, you can always expect better internet services for your home wireless network. Hence, you don’t need to deal with dead zones and slow the internet anymore. 

Before you start using your Linksys extender, you need to replicate a simple set of instructions for the Linksys wifi range extender setup. After that, you can easily start using your extender and enjoy the various benefits it provides. 

linksys wifi range extender setupTherefore, to help you configure your Linksys extender properly, we have mentioned all the required steps below. By following those steps properly, you can get your Linksys extender up and running in no time. Hence, without any further ado, let us get started: 

  1. Starting off with the very basics, you need to first turn on your extender. To turn on your extender, you need to connect it to a stable source of electricity i.e., an electrical outlet. Take necessary precautions while connecting the adapter in the outlet. 
  2. After you have connected your extender to the power source, press the power button for a few seconds and then release it. Later on, pay attention to the power LED located on the body of your extender. Make sure there is a stable green colored light in the LED. 
  3. Once this much is done, head over to your router. Locate the WPS button on the body of your router and press it for a few second and then release. Do the same process for your extender as well. This will establish a connection between your router and extender. 
  4. Now, take your laptop and connect it with the network of your router. Upon a successful connection, run a browser application by making sure it is up to date. In the browser, navigate to the URL bar and enter this web address – This URL is required for further Linksys wifi range extender setup. 
  5. The web address will take you to a page where you need to locate and click on the “new extender setup” button. After you click on this button, your setup will begin and you need to proceed with the next step. 
  6. The very first thing in an online setup is to select an appropriate method for the setup. To do this, just select any of the two given methods and move forward with the next button. 
  7. On the next screen, you will get instructions for all the further steps. Therefore, just follow the instructions you get on the screen one by one. At last, you should head to a page that will congratulate you on a successful Linksys wifi range extender setup. 

Now, connect your mobile phone, laptop, and even a Desktop computer to the network and enjoy seamless speed, secure connection, and longer connectivity with your network. You can play games, stream movies, and download files faster. Moreover, you access the internet from any dead zones in your home. So, wait no more and start setting up your Linksys range extender now. 

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